This is an online repository of undergraduate students’ capstone research projects from SOCIOL1104 Sociology of Higher Education, SOCIOL1130 Student Leadership and Service in Higher Education, and GENED1039 Higher Education: Students, Institutions and Controversies taught by Manja Klemenčič, Associate Senior Lecturer on Sociology and in General Education at Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University. Many of these capstone have also counted as a capstone project for Secondary Concentration in Education Studies. 

Under the instructor's supervision, students undertook the research project during a semester-long course. Students are invited to submit their final paper to the online repository after they obtained their grade.

The purpose of this repository is to inform and inspire undergraduate research into higher education, to inform Harvard community of the findings from student research to influence changes in policy and practices, and to showcase research-based teaching and learning in Social Sciences at Harvard College. 

Related to HUSRHE is SOCIOL1130 Scalar book "Students in Service and Leadership at Harvard" which includes multimedia chapters on action research projects related to student service and leadership roles at Harvard: https://scalar.fas.harvard.edu/studentpower/index. The chapters have been written as part of the Mindich Engaged Scholarship course SOCIOL1130 Student Leadership and Service in Higher Education also taught by Manja Klemenčič.


The papers displayed here are part of course research projects and involve data collection activities for educational purposes that do not require IRB review and oversight because the intent is to teach methods, not to contribute to generalizable knowledge. The data presented here is not to be used beyond the education setting, and is not suitable for scholarly publication or as a quotation in published research.