Yes, You Can Get into Medical School: Guide to Being a First-Generation, Low-Income Pre-Med Student at Harvard College

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Pre-medical students follow a specific track in order to become competitive applicants to
medical school. The general knowledge is that students should maintain a high grade point average, score well on the Medical College Admission Test, have clinical experience, obtain
excellent letters of recommendation, etc. The pre-med track with rigorous coursework and heavy load of activities that need to be completed in a short period can be especially stressful for first-generation, low-income students who are navigating college on their own. This project studies the challenges that first-generation, low-income pre-med students at Harvard experience throughout their journey to medical school by conducting interviews with these students. The findings of this project will contribute to the understanding of student experiences at the intersection of being first-generation, low-income, and pre-med, which will allow potential development of interventions that can provide better support for this population. The findings of the research are also applied to develop this guide containing what first-generation, low-income pre-med students at Harvard should know, institutional resources that can support them, and tips compiled from pre-med advisors as well as students at the college.
Last updated on 05/20/2021